Awarded Mountains Photography Artworks - Thomas Crauwels Mountain Photographer, Fine Alpine Photography

Awarded Mountains Photography Artworks


- Nature Images Awards (Terre Sauvage) 

  Monster win the 2nd place in landscape category

- Nature Talks photo contest 2016 (NL) 

   Portfolio "The Alps" win the 1st prize of the "Fred Hazeloff Award"

- Moscow Internationnal Foto Awards 2016 (mica)

  "Frozen Peaks" get an "Honorable Mention" in Fine Art-Landscape category

- Moscow Internationnal Foto Awards 2016 (mica)

  "Above" get an "Honorable Mention" in Fine Art-Landscape category


- La Grande Photo Awards

  Terra Incognita - 1st place in category Nature/Landscapes

- Monochrome Awards

  Granit Madness win a Honorable Mention

Asferico 10th International nature photography competition

  Dorsale and Shadow of the light win an honorable mention

- Neutral Density Awards (ndawards) 

  "Atmosphere of altitude" win an "honorable mention"

- Moscow Internationnal Foto Awards (mica)

   My series "Peaks" win the 1st place of the landscape category and the 1st place in the category books : nature

- Internationnal Photography Awards (spa) 

  Burning win an "Honorable Mention" in the Nature: Landscape and Fine Art: Landscape categories

- Internationnal Photography Awards (spa)

  Tre Cime win an "Honorable Mention" in the category Nature : Landscape

- Neutral Density Awards (ndawards)

  Tre Cime win the 3rd place(Bronze star Award) in the category Nature: landscape

- Fine Art Photography Awards 

  Burning win a "nomination" in the landscape category


- Memorial Maria Luisa 

   Holy Peak win the 1st price in the category mountain landscape

- Trierenberg Super Circuit 

   Mirror win a Gold Medal of Excellence

- Nature’s Best Winsland Awards

   The Painting - Highly Honored

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